At Premier Roofing Services, LLC, we are ready to address your urgent roof repair needs. Our skilled professionals are trained in identifying the best solution to each unique type of damage a roof can take.


The underside of your roof is hidden and can make finding a leak difficult. Water doesn’t always show itself at the point of entry and might only make itself known during heavy rainfall. Prolonged leakage can result in mold growth and/or wood-rotting fungus.

Storm Damage

Heavy rains, strong winds, and massive snowfall can result in your roof taking some major storm damage. While not all storm damage is as obvious, look for the telling signs such as missing flashing, loose or peeling sealant, and water damage. Leaving a damaged roof for too long will result in more expensive repairs to your home.


Whether you need new gutters, repaired gutters or just need your gutters cleaned, our trained professionals are here to assist you. We help educate our customers on best practices when it comes to gutter maintenance.

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